The Goji Cream – the anti-wrinkle remedy?

The goji berry is the new trend! For a long time it was only available as a superfood, but the cosmetics industry has long since discovered the apparently curative effects of berries. The new product is called Goji Cream and promises its users a variety of different and naturally positive effects. From antioxidant to rejuvenating, the cream should be able to do everything. Whether this is also the case in reality or whether the Goji Cream is nothing more than a gag of the marketing department is explained in the following sections. To give you an idea: The Goji Cream is certainly not a bad product, but of course you can't expect miracles from it. Nevertheless, it is worth taking a look, because the effect of Goji berries has been proven several times and can also have beneficial effects on the skin.

The goji berry comes from Tibet, more precisely from China and Mongolia. That she comes from Tibet is often propagated for marketing reasons, but much more often she is to be found in Mongolia. For thousands of years, it has been an integral part of traditional Chinese medicine and has recently gained its status as a superfood. It is nutritious, even tasty and above all full of vitamins and minerals, depending on taste. New research and findings even indicate that the Goji Berry as food can fight a number of diseases. 50 grams of a ration cover the daily iron requirement and thus contribute an important part to the daily and healthy nutrition. For the cosmetics industry, the Goji berry is still a little new territory, but the effects have also been recognised here. Some of them are based on the ideas and insights of traditional Chinese medicine.

The high proportion of iron, which is retained even after processing, and the high content of natural vitamins make Goji berries the ideal raw material for a cream. The effect is manifold and can be varied depending on the type of cream. Natural creams for day or night have a proven rejuvenating and skin tightening effect. Goji Cream is a real enrichment and alternative to conventional products, especially in the area of eyes and other critical areas of the face. The antioxidant effect in the cream can only be demonstrated to a limited extent. Of course, the ingredients of the goji berry help to stimulate the metabolism and thus ensure that foreign substances are excreted from the body more quickly. But experts often doubt whether this is also the case on the skin. This is not the purpose of a cream, but rather it should supply the skin with important nutrients and vitamins. The promise of detoxification must therefore be enjoyed with caution and does not always correspond to the truth.

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There are now many different products on the market. Of course, there are differences in quality, but also in price. The latter is not always a sign of good quality, as the following lines will prove. In cosmetics in particular, the processing of a good product is crucial for its processing, but also the use of the right raw materials. The Goji berry is an easy to process product and is naturally mixed with various other ingredients during the production process. The latter are the decisive criterion for the quality of a cream, because if they are wrongly balanced or even cheap and poorly selected, the cream is quickly a flop and can't deliver the promised performance under any circumstances.

Since there are numerous suppliers, it is worthwhile to take a look at the well-known sizes on the market. There are matching products from manufacturers in Germany, but also well-known brands rely on the power of the Goji berry and have included corresponding products in their assortment. The main focus is on products that can do without chemical additives and flavours as far as possible, preferably even completely. Natural fabrics have also proved to be an ideal carrier for the ingredients of goji berries in their processed state, and this credo should always be adhered to when shopping and selecting. This is the only way to ensure that the selected cream can really deliver what it promises and maybe even a little more. High-quality products do not even have to be expensive.

Especially in the cosmetics sector, you pay too much for your purchase. Here, it is particularly important to compare the individual products in a meaningful way and to take a closer look at the individual products. In any case, the goji berry can do a lot of things and

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